Men prayer


 “We are a family of believers who loves God completely, loves people unconditionally and loves life enthusiastically. We    

  are committed to providing opportunities for people to have a genuine encounter with God and develop authentic relationships with one another.”


SMALL Groups connect people most naturally with others who have similar interests and passions.  If you need further information, please feel free to contact Pastor Mickey.

Pastors Rob and Mickey would love to see everyone be part of a small group.


Belonging to a SMALL Group makes it easier to build relationships with each other and with God. Life is often difficult; with a connection to a SMALL Group we are able to apply the truth of the Gospel to our daily lives. SMALL Groups offer an opportunity to encourage one another, serve one another, rejoice and weep with one another, build each other up and accept each other. SMALL Groups produce disciples, leaders and contributors; they reach the lost and they are lots of fun!


For questions or more information concerning small groups you may contact Pastor Mickey Cypher.