Jeff and Karin Trotter have been serving with Pittsburgh-based Heaven's Family since 2009. Based in the U.S., they work with indigenous ministry partners throughout the world, seeking to love Jesus by serving the "least of these" (see Jesus' words in Matt 25:31-46) in third-world countries.

They also travel several times a year, often leading teams to such places as Haiti and Myanmar. As they travel, they see the needs first-hand, develop relationships with ministry partners, check on work accomplished or in process and, most importantly, build love links between us at VCC and our brothers and sisters around the world. By introducing us to the actual widows, orphans, those suffering illnesses and disabilities, or victims of persecution, human trafficking, or natural disasters, "missions" becomes more personal for us.

Jeff and Karin invite you to check out the incredible work of Heaven's Family by going to the ministry's home-page, and don't forget to visit Jeff and Karin's staff support page, where you can find links to stories they've written about their work, or follow them on Facebook, where you'll find lots of photos, trip blogs, and other information.

Jay Bennett joined Youth With a Mission in 1996. Prior to that he taught elementary school students at Rhema Academy, a Christian school that operated for many years in our building prior to us becoming a part of Victory Christian Church. 

Since joining YWAM, he has been primarily involved in the area of intercession, having staffed, led or co-led three-month schools of intercessory prayer in India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Israel. I have also helped lead intercessory outreaches in China, India, Bhutan, Vanuatu, and Thailand. He teaches often in local churches and in YWAM schools around the world on the subjects of intercession, the love of God vs the religious spirit, and experiencing God, with a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit.

Jay travels frequently, but has a deep desire to open a prayer center for the nations somewhere in the world where he can focus his efforts.

Richard, Anna, Jonathan, and Elliana Welch serving the Ugandan Water Project

This family senses a strong call from the Lord to be a part of bringing His kingdom to Africa. They are driven by the belief that the darkest, hardest places in the world are the ripest for redemption, and want to see the brokenhearted, lost, and orphaned restored to the life they are called to experience in loving relationship with our amazing Father.

Right now they are living in Pennsylvania and working with an organization called the Ugandan Water Project. Serving as the regional director, Richard builds partnerships to raise awareness about the clean drinking water needs in Uganda and then raises money to bring clean water to communities that are in desperate need. Being a part of a small organization is a great learning experience for Richard, teaching him every aspect of the ministry. Aside from partnership development, Richard also leads teams to Uganda, does speaking engagements, runs special projects, and streamlines organizational processes.

Richard and Anna continue to believe the Lord's plan for them is to move back to Uganda (where they lived before) and work with a team to establish a base of operations in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. DR Congo has been ravaged by decades of war and unrest, and their heart is to partner with the local church there to bring God’s love and restoration to its people. They specifically want to help care for orphaned children and homeless mothers, while also working towards improving access to basic necessities like clean water and medical care. Richard and Anna are already making preparations to these ends, and hope to return by the end of 2014.

Richard and Anna request "your prayers for the work that we are engaged in, that it may be effective and have lasting impact on the lives of the people of Uganda. Please also pray for our plans going forward that God would breathe into them and make them everything He wants them to be."

Peter Cung and his wife Chin Chin serve the Lord in Yangon, the largest city in the nation of Myanmar, as national missionaries. Together, they pastor a church in the heart of the city, where they reach out to their Buddhist neighbors, who make up over 90% of the country's population. In addition to these ministries, Peter and Chin Chin also oversee an orphanage of about 55 children and reach out to poor widows. One of the ways they help widows is by offering them micro-loans. By providing impoverished widows with some small-business training and enough money to start their own business (such as raising chickens or pigs, growing and selling produce, or opening a small shop in the market), Peter is helping many become self-sufficient, able to care for their own needs and, in turn, others who are poor.

The Victory Kids of Victory Christian Church at New Wilmington have been supporting the ministry of Peter Cung for several years. By sacrificing their time and energy raising funds each year, they help Peter and Chin Chin continue their important work for the kingdom of God. And by their obedience to Jesus, the kids have a real part in reaching the lost and serving the poor half a world away in Myanmar.