What are Victory Nights?

Victory Nights are our mid-week gathering where we will help you engage in your spiritual growth, be empowered to practice what you learn and experience every victory God has for you! We also believe in building relationships that help us grow in Christ which is a key part to Victory Nights.

Starting on September 4th we are starting back up our Victory Nights gathering with discipleship training classes. These classes will be during the fall season till we break for the holidays in Nov. & Dec. Childcare will be available for pre-school through victory kids ages.

Discipleship Class 101: The first class will be all about the power of the testimony and how you can use yours to help spread the gospel. There will be teaching times as well as practical times of people learning how to share their story with someone. This class will run through the month of September.

Discipleship Class 201: Starting in the month of October we will be taking 5 weeks to teach and equip people in how to effectively witness to someone about Jeus and walk someone through how to receive Jesus.

To GET MORE INFORMATION about Victory nights, visit the Connection Center in the church lobby